Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Onigiri Couple Amigurimi Crochet Pattern

Wow, now I realize how true the phrase "can't believe how time flies" is.  This coming Sunday, April 29th...My husband and I will celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! or the day we signed the papers, since we didnt have an actual wedding. 
 Recently, actually 2 days ago, I began crocheting, and I thought why don't I crochet something as a gift for Hubbie?! At least make use of my new found skill! I think I did a pretty darn good job for someone who just started!   When I saw these two A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E onigiri couple crochets at HandemadeKitty's blog, I just HAD to make them, I mean if you haven't know already my Hubbie is a sushi chef and this totally will make a awesome gift!!

Onigiri Couple Amigurimi Crochet Pattern

Size: 8cm approx.
DK or worsted weight yarn in Black, white, pink.
Black and red thread.
Safety eyes 9mm
Hook 3mm
Tapestry needle.
Crochet pattern abbreviation:
Ch: chain
sc :single crochet
Rnd: round
2sctog: 2 single crochet together.
sl st: slip stitch
St :stitch
FO: fasten off

Rice body:
Working in rnds and joining with sl st
from bottom to top:
With white yarn:
Rnd1: Ch9,sc in second chain from hook, sc in next 6chs, 3scs in next ch, working in opposite side
of chains, sc in next 6chs, 2sc in next ch (18)
Rnd2:  Ch1, 2sc ,sc in next 6scs,2scs in next 3sc,sc in next 6scs, 2scs in next 2scs (24)
Rnd3:  Ch1, 2sc in next 2scs ,sc in next 8scs,2scs in next 4scs,sc in next 8scs, 2scs in next 2scs(32)
Rnd4-7:Ch1, work 32scs around (32)
Rnd8:Ch1, [2stog,sc in next 14scs] 2 times (30)
Rnd9:Ch1, [2stog,sc in next 13scs] 2 times (28)
Rnd10:Ch1, [2stog,sc in next 12scs] 2 times (26)
Rnd11:Ch1, [2stog,sc in next 11scs] 2 times (24)
Rnd12:Ch1, [2stog,sc in next 10scs] 2 times (22)
Rnd13:Ch1, [2stog,sc in next 9scs] 2 times (20)
Install safety eyes between Rnd8 and Rnd9 separated 4scs.
Rnd14:ch1, 2sctog around (10)
Rnd15:Ch1,2sctog around (5) FO
Stuff more if needed.
Close **Finishing:Cut yarn and thread through a tapestry needle.  Draw it through the remaining stitches and pull tight.
Poke the tapestry needle inside and hide yarns.

Nori (seaweed):
Working in rows:
With black yarn:
Row1: Ch13, sc in second ch from hook and in next 11chs. Turn (12)
Row2-6:Ch1,sc in each sc across. Turn (12)
Sew it on the body..

Embroider eye lashes and lips with black thread and red thread.Add blush in both cheeks ! :D :D
For the onigiri girl (bow) ;  pass a pink yarn though and sc on the the side and make a bow.
For the onigiri boy (tie); same as girl pass trough white yarn on the nori and the remaining yarn poke inside and hide yarns.

Have fun!!! <3

Iphone Cake, Mega Man Cake, Lavender and Black Giftbox Cake

Wow, lately I've been either constantly sick or just too busy with cakes that I haven't really had time to do a post.  I am quite busy today too, but I guess I'll still do a quick post to show the cakes I've been working on.  

 I think my Iphone cakes have been quite popular, it's been asked a couple of times and last week I made a White Iphone with Pink Box cake, a very similar replica of one I did last year [shown below]


                                                                         *          *          *

A customer had came to me, last minute...yes again, to create a simple cake for her boyfriend's birthday.  She said he loves the anime Mega Man and would like a sugar topper of the character, then the cake is to be red with Mega Man's Dog's with little time at hand, this is the final creation. : )

At the same week, my high school friend is turning 27, wow!!!! Her husband had planned to give her a surprise party, so he contacted me to do a cake, something with the color lavendar.  I couldnt really decide what to do until he said why not do a gift box cake, perrrrfect! I had been wanting to do one! I decided to go the lazy way and used fresh flowers instead of sugar ones hehehe.  As you can see the final product is...hmmm very shiny due to the rainy season here in Chicago, gosh humidity is rocketing high!! Well, I hoped that she had a awesome birthday and enjoyed the cake. 

Thanks for looking!!!!!