Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iphone Cake, Mega Man Cake, Lavender and Black Giftbox Cake

Wow, lately I've been either constantly sick or just too busy with cakes that I haven't really had time to do a post.  I am quite busy today too, but I guess I'll still do a quick post to show the cakes I've been working on.  

 I think my Iphone cakes have been quite popular, it's been asked a couple of times and last week I made a White Iphone with Pink Box cake, a very similar replica of one I did last year [shown below]


                                                                         *          *          *

A customer had came to me, last minute...yes again, to create a simple cake for her boyfriend's birthday.  She said he loves the anime Mega Man and would like a sugar topper of the character, then the cake is to be red with Mega Man's Dog's with little time at hand, this is the final creation. : )

At the same week, my high school friend is turning 27, wow!!!! Her husband had planned to give her a surprise party, so he contacted me to do a cake, something with the color lavendar.  I couldnt really decide what to do until he said why not do a gift box cake, perrrrfect! I had been wanting to do one! I decided to go the lazy way and used fresh flowers instead of sugar ones hehehe.  As you can see the final product is...hmmm very shiny due to the rainy season here in Chicago, gosh humidity is rocketing high!! Well, I hoped that she had a awesome birthday and enjoyed the cake. 

Thanks for looking!!!!!

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