Monday, February 27, 2012

Nursing & Cats Cake, Panda Cake

This week I made a cake for a special girl whose turning 6 on February 29th, yup the 29th!! LOL, so with a birthday that come every 4 years, she is would then be actually 24 years old. (o^.^o)

Her wonderful boyfriend have came and asked me to design a cake around a nursing theme, I'm guessing she is in school for that field.   Cats was also one of her favorite animals, so I was ask to incorporate them in the cake.  I remember she also loves pandas since I had made her birthday cake last year. (shown in picture below) 

To start off the cake, I made a vintage styled nursing uniform dressed on a mannequin, of course with my own twist of style to it. Then I asked myself what do I think of when I think of the word "Nurse" then I just started to add the details.  I made medicine being spilled out of it's orange container and a stethoscope as the border around the cake, I was also going to add a needle but I'm SO afraid of sharp needles so I was a little, okay...very, afraid to actually make it.  Since the cake is from her boyfriend, I couldn't help but add a heart in there too! >.^ and that lead me to another detail of the heart reading, added with a little twist in there.  if you can see what is different with the readings, wink.  The birthday girl loves chocolate, yet not much of a fan of too much cream, so you can guess what she probably got for her cake!  Yup! a chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache  & strawberry mousse.  Normally bittersweet ganache is used but the boyfriend was worried not everyone likes dark chocolate so he settle for milk chocolate.  Still yummy yummy!

Overall, I liked how the cake turned out and I was very happy to hear that the birthday girl loved her cake & she had said she almost didn't have the heart to eat it since it was so cute! I'm always thrilled to hear things like that because it shows that I've accomplished my goal, that everyone should feel special and have the most memorable birthday.

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  1. Just found your blog and I love your work! Please continue to blog your cakes..they are unique and very inspiring!